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The Best Podcasts About TV Shows

Here at the TV That Changed Me Podcast we’re all about spotlighting the TV shows that have shaped our lives, relationships and identities. Whether it’s the OC teaching us what to think about sex, or Gilmore Girls helping us solve our family feuds, we believe that TV can be both transformative and traumatising. That’s why, in honour of our release, we’re highlighting the best TV podcasts to enjoy alongside ours (obviously) to help you process you process your feelings about some of the world’s biggest TV shows.

The best podcasts about TV shows

1. The TV That Changed Me

Okay, we couldn’t make a list of TV podcasts without reminding you to check us out! The TV That Changed Me is a brand new, bi-weekly podcast from writer and reviewer Beth Watson. Every two weeks, Beth interviews somebody new about the TV that made them who they are. The very first episode is her and her brother James discussing how their teenage obsession with Gilmore Girls helped them bond after years of being at odds.

2. Queers Gone By

Okay so not strictly a TV podcast… but Queers Gone By podcast is essential listening for anyone who wants to revisit the campest film and TV from years gone by. Notorious comedy queers Caitlin Powell and Kate Butch delve deep into their childhoods, reliving films, TV shows, and snacks, to see if there’s any way of pinpointing exactly what made them so queer.

3. Pilot TV

The Pilot TV Podcast from the creator’s of Empire is 2021’s answer to the TV guide. Bringing you the latest news and reviews, the occasional interview, as well as the occasional vintage recommendation. Their excellent reviews save you hours of scrolling through the biggest streaming services and help you get straight to the good stuff.

4. Buffering the Vampire Slayer

If episodic podcasts are your jam, then there’s nowhere better to turn than Buffering the Vampire Slayer. Not only does it have one of the best names of all the show-by-show TV podcasts, it also has a beautifully atmospheric intro song.

5. So I got to Thinking

No matter how much time passes, Sex and the City remains as timeless as a Prada handbag (apart from a great many themes that have aged terribly). On So I Got To Thinking, Juno Dawnson and Dylan B Jones rewatch the iconic series and attempt to answer Carrie Bradshaw’s soul-searching, and occasionally ridiculous, questions for the modern day.

6. Gilmore Guys

Okay so this podcast actually stopped releasing new episodes in 2017 (much to the chagrin of its dedicated fanbase). But as enormous Gilmore Girls fans, we couldn’t ignore this iconic episodic podcast. With long-form episodes, and an appearance from Lauren Graham herself, Gilmore Guys makes the perfect accompaniment to a return to Stars Hollow.

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