Veronica Mars


What makes a person brave? Can TV characters help us step out of our comfort zones? Can you be tough and vulnerable at the same time?

This week Beth is joined by comedian Mariana Feijó to discuss bravery in the iconic teen detective show- Veronica Mars. The two also unpack love triangles, polyamory and being an indie kid.

Content warning: This episode contains references to sexual assault throughout.


Produced by: Beth Watson

Edited by: Beth Watson

Music by: Iora

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Mariana Feijó: @Marianasbits

Doughty podcast: https://shows.acast.com/doughtypod

Beth Watson: @b.wott on Instagram & @bwatson19 on Twitter 

The TV That Changed Me: @tvchangedme on Instagram & @tvchangedmepod on Twitter

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